Five partners across Europe, funded by the 6th Framework Project of the EU, joined forces to develop and produce the project resource and to build a strong network of educators and scientists for future projects. The project was initiated in 2005 to encourage and help primary age schoolchildren across Europe to use an enquiry based approach to science.

It also seeks to enhance young people’s interest in science, science education and scientific careers as well as support European Union policy aimed at promoting sustainable development. The resource activities are focussed on plants – their growth, their importance economically and culturally and the need for their conservation. Plants offer an exciting resource for teaching and are accessible, safe and easy to explore. Therefore a core part of the project was botanic gardens which hold amazing collections of plants, as well as having expertise and knowledge about the world of plants, their uses and their habitats. The project was completed with the launch of the ‘Plant Scientists Investigate…at school and at the botanic garden’ website and the publication of both printed and CD-ROM resource materials in December 2007.