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Reports and posters from more national workshops can now be found on our resource page. Find out about national activities in Romania and Ireland as well as other INSTEM countries. Our resource page is continuously being updated and more national workshop resports and posters will be added within the next weeks!

INSTEM – Italian National workshop

The INSTEM Italian workshop was aimed at identifying issues related to the impact of research and development programmes on school practice in the short and long term. Researchers in STEM education, teachers, museum practitioners and school principals were involved in the workshop.

Norwegian National INSTEM Workshop

The National Workshop in Norway took place on January 20th 2014 in Trondheim. School teachers, researchers in science and mathematics education, teacher educators, policy makers and school owners, a total of 25 persons who represented Trondheim Municipality and Sør-Trøndelag County Authority, the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics...

2nd INSTEM Newsletter available!

Glimpses "behind the scenes" of the INSTEM national workgroups...
The first part of our second newsletter is now available for downloading and will give you insights in our national INSTEM activities. Part one of our 2nd newletter will inform you about the STEM forum in Halle as well as Nowegian, British and Turkish national workshops.

National Austrian INSTEM Workshop


On November 12th 2013, the Vienna Museum of Technology (Technisches Museum Wien) hosted an event on Inquiry Based learning called Inquiry Day, inviting a variety of 200 guests to share their insights, expertise and knowledge. Therefore, this event was the perfect opportunity for the Austrian national workshop.

INSTEM Conference 2014 – 25-27 March 2014

INSTEM Conference 2014 – 25-27 March 2014
Our 2nd INSTEM Conference will enable the participants to exchange knowledge and experiences of enquiry-based teaching and enhance cooperation.

1st newsletter available!

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