Norwegian National INSTEM Workshop


The National Workshop in Norway took place on January 20th 2014 in Trondheim

Who participated? 

School teachers, researchers in science and mathematics education, teacher educators, policy makers and school owners, a total of 25 persons who represented Trondheim Municipality and Sør-Trøndelag County Authority, the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education, the Norwegian Centre for Science Education, the Directorate for Education and Training and the Ministry of Education and Research, universities and university colleges.


What was discussed?

  • The nature of inquiry differs between science and mathematics
  • Inquiry-based education alone is  not the answer
  • The importance of subject knowledge and didactic knowledge in IBSE
  • Implementation through collaborative networks
  • Continuous input for teachers:  life-long-learning
  • European projects may only reach out to a few teacher trainers and teachers
  • Teacher trainers need to be trained; participation in European projects give valuable input for teacher trainers 


For more information please go to our resource page where you can find the workshop poster and report.